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In this category we have product in which we provide funding against rental Income.

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Lease Rental Discounting is a great tool to acquire loans from acquiring loans by using rental receipts as collateral. Then the bank will examine the long-term cash flow and provide the loan based on the exact amount. The loan is payable by rents promised. Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) is a great term in which loan offered against rental receipts that derived from lease contracts with corporate tenants. The loan is provided to the lesser based on the underlying property value and the discounted value of the rentals. It is also another method to obtain finance from another financial institute, bank and leading institutes.

Lease Rent Discounting is considered to be the bills that are owned by other corporations to the lessor. These amounts are considered to be the payments that will be received in the future. In lease Rent Discounting, the bank deducts time, the value of money and pay the balance to the lessor if lease rental discounting is availed. This means that a rental which is due next month will have to take a small loss in value as compared to other rentals which are far off in the future. In Lease Rent Discounting, a standard concept like related to the time value of money apply to such calculations.

The big loan will assess several factors which include:

Value of your property
Other assets you own,
Your capacity to repay
Liabilities that might occur
Your capacity to repay

The eligibility criteria for availing loans from the big loan are as follows.

All owners of Commercial Properties and residential buildings which are already rented or to be rented to the following entities are mentioned below:




Reputed Corporates

Financial Institutions

Large and Medium size corporates

Government offices both Central and State Government

Public Sector Undertakings etc.

Duly filled Application Form with required Photograph

Age Proof (, Any other Certificate from Statutory Authority, PAN Card, Passport)

Residence Proof (Passport, Telephone Bill, Election Card, Driving License, Ration Card Any other Certificate from Statutory Authority)

Balance Sheets duly certified/audited by a Chartered Accountant and Last 3 years Income Tax returns with Profit & Loss Account

Processing Fee Cheque in favour of ‘BIGloans.’

Photocopy of Title Documents of the Approved Plan, Property

Copy of required Registered Lease Deed

Looking for funding? Having a residential r commercial property which you can offer as collateral. Big loans against property are just what you need. We offer hassle-free and easy loan against property for a loan amount starting from Rs 5 lakhs. You can avail of a loan against commercial or residential at best rates of interest.

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